California’s Records and Reserves

The 2012-2016 drought was arguably the worst in memory. In a quick turnaround, the state’s infrastructure is full and water managers are battling with the wettest winter, and possibly year, on record since 1985.

The 2016-2017 October-February statewide precipitation total was 28.5 inches, an extra foot of water covering the entire state. At 180% above average, this year ranked first of 122-year period of record.In the San Joaquin and Tulare Lake region, the amount of precipitation was greater than the statewide average, but not enough to break any records. For Tulare, the October-February precipitation total was 15.2 inches, 6.5 inches or 175% above average, and ranked 4th wettest winter in the 122-year period of record.

Just when spring is showing bluer skies, and we have a handle on local flooding, there’s more coming from the mountains. After five years of thin and non-existent snow cover, the CA DWR snow survey data suggests nearly 47 inches of snow water equivalent. That is, there’s nearly four feet of water sitting on top of the Sierras ready to melt and meet us in the valley!

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